Accounts Preparation and Tax Returns for Sole Traders, Partnerships, Trusts and Limited Companies

We are happy to accept your records in whatever format you use, and we will then prepare your annual accounts, and your tax returns. We are registered with HMRC to electronically file all tax returns. In the case of Limited Companies, we will also file a copy of the statutory accounts with Companies House.

VAT Returns

We can write up your records, or use the records you have already prepared to complete your VAT Returns. Once you have approved the return we will then electronically file it with HMRC on your behalf. We can also advise on various VAT schemes, and which may be best for you. It is often possible to reduce the VAT burden with a careful review of your overall VAT position.


We can run the whole of your payroll on your behalf. You just need to give us the information, and we will process it and put it into the format required by HMRC. We will also prepare pay slips and will advise you what and when to pay HMRC. We also deal with all year end returns.

Tax Advice & Tax Planning

There are numerous ways of legitimately reducing the tax burden. By taking advice before entering into any transactions, it is often possible to substantially reduce your tax bill. Needless to say, we will only advise on legitimate ways of reducing tax liabilities.

Tax planning is relevant to all taxes, in particular:

  • Inheritance Tax to maximise the amounts available for your family

  • Capital gains Tax to ensure you plan matters to take advantage of all claims and elections available. For example, It is always better to plan for CGT mitigation on a future property disposal at the time of purchase rather than the time of sale.

  • Income Tax to ensure you have the best business structures and remuneration packages in place. There are a number of ways to legitimately reduce income tax and we can advise on how best to achieve this.

  • VAT planning can sometimes save many thousands of pounds, by making sure that a transaction is structured correctly. Are you using the most tax efficient VAT scheme?

  • HMRC Tax Enquiries

    Everyone dreads the envelope coming through the letterbox advising that they have been selected for an HMRC tax enquiry. However, it does happen, and not only to businesses who are on the fiddle. It is always important to be properly represented in your dealings with HMRC, and we are able to offer expert representation.

    Tax Consultancy

    We can offer tax consultancy services to other professionals who need help in advising their clients.

    New Business Start Ups

    We can offer advice to anyone in the process of setting up their own business. Including who you need to notify, and what you need to do. We can also assist with the preparation of business plans if required.